Where am I – – -?

It would seem logical to follow up a ‘Who am I  – -?’ post with a ‘Where am I  – – ?’ post.

It has been over 12 years since I started learning the drums and I do not see myself as a beginner any more – that’s quite a leap in attitude for me, and one that has been achieved through practice, quality support & personal growth.

The minor amendments to this website indicate a shift in my musical development over the last couple of years – to quote Italian photographer Franco Fontana ” – we must always change to remain what we are – that is what nature does and teaches” – – – I have become increasingly disappointed with the ‘mainstream’ UK Blues scene – – the needle seems to be stuck at the 60’s Brit. Blues revival ( Clapton etc) or some sort of ‘Classic’ Rock hybrid. It’s a pity that if you talk about Blues as a genre to most folks they will automatically relate to a trio with a guitarist doing endless twiddly solo’s – – -such a shame as Blues is about a state of being covering all emotions from happy to sad AND there are some very interesting  duos / bands doing some more unhinged, raw, real music out there ( Daddy Longlegs , Stompin’ Dave,  Kaz Hawkins & Giles Hedley for example).There is an open & genuine feel to what these guys do – – – – so a change in my musical taste has been going on – –

Over the last year or so  I’ve been out there at Open Mic nights and met some wonderful players who challenge me constantly with everything from Frank Sinatra swing to Folk – – -the beauty of playing music is not knowing where the next ‘connection’ is going to be – – and ultimately, for me, playing the drums is about making music, making a human connection , developing an understanding of, not just what to play on the kit,  but when  – – -thus adding to making music. Getting to grips with Jazz brushes has been a revelation  – – playing quietly  is a fabulous feeling – – Ed Thigpen ( Oscar Peterson’s drummer called it )‘ Expressing the melody with your hands’

There seems little point in slavishly copying what has gone before, sure it can influence you – but we have to find our own voices as part of a band of folks coming together to make music !

In summary, the drumming journey continues – meeting new people & music, gaining more independence on the kit with practice, understanding that not playing is as valid as playing, trying to spread the word that drummers are an integral equal part of a band who make music together .





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