“Rebel without a Clue “

– – –  or am I ? Over the last year i’ve been continuing to consolidate my technique on the kit, enjoying the fortnightly challenge of being the house drummer at an Open Mic ( playing everything from Folk to Jazz, Blues to Soul, Pop to Cockney !) and constantly on the look out for a band to join.  This is an interesting & time consuming process  – – – it Rebel smallseems to be more a process of finding out your own limits & what you don’t want to do.

I recently met up with the very talented songwriter, Richard Townend , the man behind The Mighty Bosscats . With a bagful of new songs he was on the lookout for a new drummer to join the band to record a new album & Gig regularly. We played through quite a number of original songs & managed to get the retsrained JJ Cale style of the music together – – Cool ! On the face of it the ideal ‘next step’ for me, recording & gigging with an established band – – – – BUT the band are based in deepest  Essex & the travelling involved for rehearsals etc. would have been too much for me on top of work & other time commitments – so , even though Richard was extremely kind & complimentary about my playing, we agreed that the travel was an issue long term & we’re staying in contact for any future possibilities.

The moral of the story is that by pushing myself i found that i’m more than capable of playing at that level – i’m not being arrogant with that statement, just that, as individuals ,we need to find out where we are in the general scheme of things with our chosen pursuits, and  also, although my ability on the kit was up to scratch, the shear practicalities of  getting to rehearsals etc has made me re-evaluate my search area for a band.

In other words – – if you don’t have a go – you’ll never know !

So now, alongside the search for a band, myself & a really good local Bass player, who has the same motivation as myself, have put out an ad looking for guitarist & vocalist who are up for playing for the song.

I may be a “Rebel without a clue”, but for me, the methodology of learning styles of music rather than particular songs is paying off – as, if a song is called out, i may not know it , but i can, generally ‘get the style’ of it. Music is a joy, a universal language and, in my opinion, great music comes from the soul & creativity of the person playing it , including the ‘mistakes’ ( is there such a thing in music ?) – not just copying what’s gone before.

So, get out there, make mistakes & have fun doing it !

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