“Late Starter” – – – – –

Bob Ayre

– – – as the talented Americana Singer songwriter Guy Tortora put’s it,  ” – – – – I’m a late starter, wasn’t built for speed. A little encouragement is all I need, Started late, but I’m catching up. It’s gonna take a river just to fill my cup ! – – “

Well that  sums it up beautifully for me on where i’m ‘at’ currently  playing the Drums – –

A little background first; I picked up the sticks for the first time when I was just over 40 (mid-life crisis ? maybe, but I figured it was safer than a motorbike ! ) not long after processing personal bereavement & managing low mood Initial lessons lead to first playing in public after 6 weeks – – one of the most exhilarating & petrifying experiences I’ve ever had ! After years of going to Gigs I suddenly got a whole new perspective on performing & it gave me total…

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