Where to begin – – – ?

Well here I am embarking on another step in my musical journey

“What have you been doing up to now and what’s new about this then ? ” I hear you ask  – –

Here’s a quick run down of my drumming  journey so far – –

  • from school age to now a regular gig goer – list of gig’s to follow sometime ?
  • August  2004 picked up  drumsticks for the first time
  • October 2004 played in public at Blues Jam, Half Moon Bishops Stortford  first time. One of the most nerve wracking things I’ve ever done !
  • created & promoted St Albans Blues club ‘Shades of Blues’ at The Maltings Arts Theatre, March 2006 to April 2009  ( run in from Sept.2005)
  • 2007 handful of gigs with ‘Life of Riley’ local covers band
  • 2008 formed ‘Dr Shades’ Blues band from audience members to ‘Shades of Blues’
  •  November 2008 ‘Dr Shades’ debut at The White Lion, St Albans.
  • Sept. 2012 to July 2013 ‘Shades of Blues’ series 2 !
  • Dec. 2013 Dep. drummer for Roadhouse at the Famous Monday Blues , Oxford xmas party !
  • July 2013 ‘Dr Shades’ band re-branded as ‘Chris Lord & her Blues Express’

– – – – – – LATEST NEWS – – – – – – – – –

October 2014 Decided that the time is now right to leave ‘ Blues express’ to free up time & headspace to pursue other avenues of music & playing experiences to broaden my knowledge & abilities on the kit.

So besides being on the look out for fresh challenges, going to jam nights, folks to play with etc. I reckon that getting to grips with Blogging, Facebook and social networks are all part of ‘getting out there’ – –

So bring on 2015 and let’s see where I get to musically !






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